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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Buddy

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One of the 80's most memorable toys, partly because of the catchy commercial, was My Buddy.
My Buddy was a doll that was marketed to little boys in an attempt to capitalize on an untapped market during the Cabbage Patch craze. The doll was introduced in 1985, made by the Hasbro company. During the Hasbro years, the doll had removable clothing so you could change his outfit. In the early 90's, Playskool took over the property and had the clothes sewn onto the doll, making it impossible to wash his clothes, let alone change them. I was around 5 years old when My Buddy first came out and can remember asking for one for three straight Christmas's. I never did get one when I was younger, I think partly due to the fact that my Dad didn't want me having a doll. I was a manly little boy though, I had my first tool kit when I was 4 and was climbing up on and learning how to repair roofs with my Dad when I was 6. He taught me everything I know about construction, I can build a house from the ground up by myself. My middle son wants a boy Cabbage Patch so I plan on getting him one. I eventually got a My Buddy from an antique store a couple of years ago, that made me feel old. I tried to give him to my son but he was scared to death of it. I wander if it has anything to do with the fact that My Buddy strongly resembles a certain killer doll from a movie in the late 80's... I would like to know if any of my readers had a My Buddy and what their memories of him were.


  1. I remember both the My Buddy and Kid Sister dolls. I got the Kid Sister for Christmas one year. I no longer have it due house being robbed back then. But I loved it no matter.

  2. I never had either....did however had the cricket doll....n also had asked for the Teddy Ruxpin....I wanted kid sister....commercial songs were quite catchy back then