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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food From The Crypt- Oatmeal Swirlers

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The more things I think of that I used to eat when I was little, the more I realize that not many people remember the same items. Take for instance Oatmeal Swirlers.
I feel like I am the only person that ate this stuff. It was made by General Mills and was available from the mid to late 80's in the cereal aisle. Every package of oatmeal came with a flavored jelly packet, and aside from flavoring the oatmeal, you were supposed to be able to make cool designs drawing with the packet, using the oatmeal as a canvas. Of course the jelly never spread like in the commercials so I just mixed it all in and ate away. I remember the flavors being strawberry, maple, chocolate, and apple cinnamon. Strawberry was always my favorite, to me the other flavors tasted funky. I have included some pictures and the commercial below, maybe it will help jog some memories. Who knows, I might not have been the only one that liked Oatmeal Swirlers.


  1. Rick,

    You are not alone... I remember having Oatmeal Swirlers back when I was in middle school and/or high school (I preferred the fruit variety pack--strawberry, cherry and apple cinnamon--and I wish they would have made blueberry and raspberry flavors as well).

    1. They did have raspberry but it was late 80s early 90s it was my favorite. I am 33 and to this day I still look very time I am in. the oatmeal aisle to see if the bright it back.

  2. OH! I totally remember these! I miss it too, now I just settle for putting sprinkles in my oatmeal or cream of wheat. hehe. I also miss clear pepsi and a cereal called sprinkle spangles. :)

  3. I probably think of this once a month wishing I could still get it. I remember eating it every day after school while watching Power Rangers and Super Mario Bros Show.

  4. They were my fave oatmeal....n oatmeal hasn't been the same since..... I figure it would b quite popular n never be taken off shelves.....strawberry was my fave.... come on G M...bring Swirlers back

  5. Mmmm, strawberry! I'm so glad that I found someone else who remembers this! I miss it so much!!!

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  7. . wow , i was always made to feel crazy when i talked about oatmeal swirlers ! i could never remember the name & noone knew what i was referring to :( soo glad others remember too ! what i wouldnt do for just one box for old times sake ? !

  8. I totally remember these! I've had the Same experience w/no one remembering, I couldn't recall the name, but they were delish! Thx for posting!

  9. Omg i remember this as a child and i used to love it i wish they would bring it back...